Get To Know Me: Five favourite TV shows

Get To Know Me: Five favourite movies

I will not pick fifth one, because I can’t choose, and there technically already is seven movies in this.

Get to know me meme

inspired by x you can make gifset/art/graphics with it whatever

[5] favorite movies

[5] favorite tv shows

[5] favorite female characters

[5] favorite male characters

[5] favorite relationships

[5] favorite actors

[5] favorite actresses

[10] current celebrity crushes

I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna draw them! Wish me luck!

My norn elementalist, Halla, whom I play alone (*sings ”All By Myself” in the shower and cries) and necromancer sylvari, Vinca, who goes out with raffe and Kromi's characters.


TEAM EWK tulee Traconin taidekujalle~

eli 13.-14.9.2014 Tampere-talolla~ 
lisäinfoa tulee myöhemmin~ \o/

Muutaman hyvin pelottavan tunnin ja useamman pettymyksen hetken jälkeen, voin turvallisesti sanoa, että kyllä, olen Traconissa ja olen myymässä rojujani. 

Doodle from Hell.

Harkitsetko meneväs Traconiin?


Sillä nyt on viimeset hetket hankkia lippu sinne. Traconin lipuilla on viimeisimpien tietojen mukaan loppuunmyyntivaara, eli liput on myymässä ennätystahtia loppuun ja ovelta ei sitten enää myydä lippuja.

(Mullakin on jo ranneke ja laitoin taidekujahakemusta menemään, että toivon mukaan olen Traconissa sitten taidekujalla myös.)

Signal boosting! Älkää unhoittako! Minäkin oon siellä!

Don’t mind me, jus making new characters, or something.

I’m gonna call her… Ashley.

Bit more serious comic this time. Ora isn’t sure why anyone is his friends because he is such a grumpy face :C Thankfully Mali is there.

Tracon and other con stuff

So, cons are closing in and I HAVE TO MAKE STUFF FOR THEM. Or it, mostly it, me and my friends are tryin to snatch a table from Tracon (Finland’s biggest con).

And the question is, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY FROM ME? 

I’ve been thinking of Teen Wolf, Mass Effect and Deadpool/Marvel things as the usual suspects, but what about OitNB? HtTYD? Hobbit? Other things? What things? 

And I am asking this in English even if Tracon is in Finland, but left overs will be sold online, so you get a say too!

Comment to this post, send me an ask, fan mail, anything. I’d love to get your opinion before I draw something so obscure no-one knows what the hell it is :D

In the mean while: