Hey all! I will fall silent for a week in all of my blogs, because I’ll leave to Toronto tomorrow! Comic will be updating regularly though, because Kromi mans the ship alone while I am gone.

I will probably update my twitter every time I have access to free wifi, but otherwise there will be a silence.

So long!

And few weeks later Cotton is hooked and Jerry could act as a referee in a football game.


Chapter 3 pages 19-20 are now online! 


Ask box is always open!

I had hard time drawing comic pages today, so I wanted to draw something relaxing after that. And Jerry is my go-to guy. 


So we have quite big news for No End this week!

We have been made a featured comic over at Inkblazers! That is AMAZING! (That is what we wished and aimed for when joining Inkblazers in the first place). Thank you EVERYONE who EVER clicked our links through to Inkblazers and/or added us to your bookshelf, because every pageview helped us get visibility and noticed by Inkblazers’ staff.

And that means pretty amazing things for No End’s future. First of all we’ll now hopefully get even more visibility and more readers and fans. We’ll be able to use Inkblazers’ marketplace to sell goodies, so if you want to buy prints/posters/charms/stickers/anything at all, just let us know and we’ll probably be able to make it happen!

And we’ll be able to make a little bit of money out of this comic, so every pageview still counts (the more readers we have, the more money we’ll get)! That’s pretty important since although we both make this comic first and foremost for fun and because we enjoy it and want to tell its story, it’s a nice little extra to get something for our hard work.

This won’t change anything about No End remaining a free comic for everyone to read. We’ll still upload pages to Smackjeeves when we upload them to Inkblazers, so everyone who doesn’t have an account on Inkblazers can still keep up to date with the comic (although we of course hope you’d consider Inkblazers, maybe you’ll find other comics to read on the site). Our number one ideology is and always will be that we want everyone to be able to read No End without having to pay for it. (That doesn’t mean we don’t care about getting some compensation for drawing the comic, which is why being a featured comic on Inkblazers is PERFECT for us).

Essentially: nothing will change. We might promote our Inkblazers site a lot more than Smackjeeves from now on, but that’s about it. There might be some merchandise available if enough people show interest in buying some. There might be a printed version eventually.

And in closing: thank you so much for EVERYONE who reads No End. Thank you for your comments and asks and likes and for simply just reading the comic. You’re all awesome and we love you. You’re making this comic a joy to work on every week.

- Erli & Kromi

We did it! Thank you EVERYONE who is reading our comic! And seriously, if you like our comic, I’d love if you read it on InkBlazers, if it’s not too much ask. 

Guess who have fantasy AU!


Traconin taidekujan kartta on saapunut ja meidänkin mestat varmistunut~


COME DANCE WITH US!!~ and buy stuff, perhaps? yay? 8D

Me ollaan Traconissa ja meidän pöydässä on parhaat bileet ja kamat! Printtejä, kortteja, tarroja ja tottakai känny charmeja kolmelta artistilta! Tulkaa tulkaa!

Love is like an arrow to the head. It kills ya!


Chapter 3 pages 14-16 are now online!

Remember us at InkBlazers too!

Friendly reminder that I draw this pretty amazing comic you all should read.

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