Tried a different style, so I could make little comics faster. 


Chapter 3 pages 26-28 are now online! Also on SmackJeeves!

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Comic updated yesterday, go read it if you haven’t already!

Anonymous wondered:
I made your No End characters into Sims because I was bored this afternoon. The boys all decided to go skinny dipping, and Ramona and Jenn stole their clothes. I think I laughed for a good five minutes.

Oh my god, now that sounds like a party! :D I would LOVE to see screenshots of the characters! 

I took a break from all the artist alley things, and decided to draw my favourite drag queen of all time, the loveliest and the most gorgeous Manila Luzon.


Traconin taidekujan kartta on saapunut ja meidänkin mestat varmistunut~


COME DANCE WITH US!!~ and buy stuff, perhaps? yay? 8D

Tracon on enää muutaman hassun viikon päässä ja meillä alkaa olla aika intensiivistä! Katsoka TÄÄLTÄ mitä mä oon sinne tekemässä (among other things)! Hienoja, eiks je! Ostakaa ne pois mun käsistä!

These desings will be available at Tracon 9 in few weeks as cellphone charms! Come and get your own!


I’m back!

Toronto was super fun, I really had missed Canada, and the trip was amazing <3 I am jetlaggy as hell, and school starts tomorrow, that will be fun!

Here, have a picture of Niagara Falls taken from restaurant window.

Hey all! I will fall silent for a week in all of my blogs, because I’ll leave to Toronto tomorrow! Comic will be updating regularly though, because Kromi mans the ship alone while I am gone.

I will probably update my twitter every time I have access to free wifi, but otherwise there will be a silence.

So long!

And few weeks later Cotton is hooked and Jerry could act as a referee in a football game.